Early and Managed Access Programs Europe - London, October 24-26

Posted on 07/06/2017

Our Chief Scientific Officer,  Anne B. Cropp, spoke at the Early and Managed Access Programs Europe conference in London, UK - October 24-26, 2017.    The topic of the session was "Controlling the Uncontrollable - Managing the Influence of External Environmental Factors".    The topic is relevant to all pharmaceutical companies contemplating or managing compassionate use or early access programs of any type.   Social media has placed further importance on the need to have a responsive program and policy in place.  The session will cover the importance of establishing and maintaining an Expanded Access or Compassionate Use  Policy  in the social media age.  Further, key risk mitigation strategies for compassionate use programs will be discussed.  In addition,  there will be discussion on how to respond to and react effectively to setbacks in an environment controlled by external factors.  The agenda  is available  Early and Managed Access Programs Europe  .  For further information on this topic, contact Early Access Care  at info@earlyaccesscare.com.