"A Way Forward: Shaping Clinical Trial Innovation" - NY Academy of Sciences

Posted on 07/05/2017

Anne Cropp, Pharm.D. was a panelist at the NY School of Medicine /  New York Academy of Sciences symposium "The Need to Accelerate Therapeutic Development - Must Randomized Controlled Trials Give Way?"  The focus of the symposium was to discuss innovation in clinical trial design.  Keynote speakers included Robert Califf MD (Duke University) and Janet Woodcock MD (FDA).   The panel "A Way Forward: Shaping Clinical Trial Innovation" was moderated by Donald Berry PhD (MD Anderson Cancer Center), Anne Cropp Pharm.D (Early Access Care LLC), George Demetri MD (Dana Farbe Cancer Institute), Clifton Leaf (Fortune), and Seamus (John)  Thompson PhD (Columbia University).    For more information on this conference NYU NYAS Symposium