Named Patient Programs (NPP)

The mission of Early Access Care is “to accelerate access to investigational drug products for patients in need.”

We are a high touch, specialist provider of early access services. Every day, EAC colleagues are focused on the solutions for each and every early access request. We care about the patient and will attentively address each request with urgency and intensity. Our staff is focused on your patients and implementing the end-to-end process from receipt of request to final delivery at the institution. What sets us apart as an exceptional partner is the extraordinary support provided to the physician, coordinator, patient, and caregiver.

EAC specializes in Named Patient Programs (“NPP”) with global operational services supporting the European Union, United Kingdom, Turkey, Oceania, India, Asia, Egypt, Israel, Africa, and North, Central and South Americas.

EAC’s goal of providing outstanding service, technical leadership and scientific expertise is achieved by committing an experienced group of team members who have implemented NPPs globally. Through our centrally placed Early Access Coordinators, using our bespoke Early Access System™, we bring local solutions to global NPPs.

We offer multiple services to support Named Patient Programs

  • Full-service warehousing, labeling and distribution
  • Physician Guidance Documents
  • Official translations as needed
  • Informed consent to be consistent with local requirements, including languages
  • Safety language conforming with local Drug Safety Unit; PSUR information.

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