Software as a Solution - Early Access System

Early Access Care is the solution to pharmaceutical company compliance with the new legislation as it pertains to Expanded Access.

The Early Access System is our proprietary web-based software 'all in one' tool for managing Expanded Access and Compassionate Use requests.

Benefits for Pharmaceutical Companies

  • The technologic innovation of the Early Access System creates value
  • Relieves administrative burdens and shifts valuable resources to drug development
  • Leverages the power of technology to connect pharmaceutical company stakeholders involved in the review and approval of Expanded Access and Compassionate Use requests
  • Actions occur in tandem enhancing workflow
  • Review and approve requests using the turn-key platform
  • Real-time visibility into the progress of each request
  • Requests from, FDA Navigator, or your company's website can be directed to the Early Access System
  • Customizable solution for each pharmaceutical manufacturer 
  • Trusted and secure HIPAA compliant server

The Early Access System can be managed and administered by Early Access Care or self managed by the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The Early Access System platform can be licensed by pharmaceutical manufacturers to manage expanded access requests.


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