Prioritizing Health and Safety

We manage the treatment of investigational medicinal products across the globe, through the expertise of our highly talented colleagues, collaborating with the pharmaceutical companies, to work urgently and relentlessly to facilitate physician and patient needs. Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our workforce is critical to delivering our purpose.

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Our Safety Principals

At Early Access Care we ensure the health and wellness of colleagues by managing workplace risks tailored to specific business operations, such as safety in our offices. Good workplace and job design helps colleagues to do their jobs effectively while reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Ergonomics principles, if applied properly, can reduce injuries, as well as work performance errors and lost time.

Our colleagues take appropriate action to eliminate incidents and injuries. This includes being accountable for our own safety and of those around us, and having a right and a duty to stop unsafe situations.

We provide a safe workplace through effective risk management to identify and control all hazards to an acceptable level. We take any further steps to prevent the reoccurrence of injuries or incidence, through investigation and action plan.

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