Laurie Reynolds, BS

Laurie R Headhot 2019
Laurie Reynolds, BS Director, Early Access Programs

Laurie has over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical R&D and global early access programs. Laurie is highly experienced in global early access / compassionate use protocols. Prior to joining Early Access Care, Laurie managed large-sized global compassionate use protocols at Bristol Myers Squibb. She has expertise in many therapeutic areas, including HIV, neurodegenerative disorders, hepatitis, and allergy. Laurie is an expert in post-trial access programs involving the collection of Real-World Data and has brought her expertise to the management of many programs at Early Access Care. One of Laurie’s areas of expertise is in pediatric drug development, and she has been a contributor to the development of a globally utilized pediatric protocol template for the TransCelerate project.

Laurie is an avid birder, volunteers for a non-profit Bird Club in southern Connecticut. She can often be “listening” for birds of North America and is eager to share her passion with others.